Thursday, April 3, 2008

2. Slavery

If you were white, you’d have liked slavery too. Bring me that. Cook me this. Take care of the crops. Raise my kids. Oh, and come over here, Ms. Hemmings, so I can rape you without consequence.

What’s not to like?

It’s a good thing for white people black people finally said enough of this slavery shit, or it might still be in vogue! White people aren’t too fond of having to be the first to decide what’s right … unless it involves raising other peoples’ kids.

I digress.

In addition to liking the concept of slavery, white people liked coming up with new names to call the enslaved. “Negroes” and “Coloreds” were replaced by terms more colorful, terms we dare not repeat, because if there’s another thing in a long list of things white people don’t like anymore, it’s offending other people or discriminating against them based on their color, sex or religious creed. Guilty!

So, yeah, anyway, like I said, white people used to like slavery. Hopefully, too, someday, white people will used to like apologizing or making reparations for it. It’s been more than a couple hundred years. Time to move on.



Reparations to slaves -- WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

Now lets go and find some ex-slaves and give them some of our money to make us feel better for something that none of us had anything to do with, and nobody living today -- or in the last 100+ years was a victim of.

Makes sense to me!

... And while we are in the mood for handing out some money; let's find the ancestors of abolishinists and soldiers who died fighting for the Union Army to end slavery, and give them a big "thank you" and maybe some reward money to boot.

Does that make sense to you as well?

You're right... time to move on.

ka9qlq said...

I love how only white people can be angry raciest. Sad how blacks are living down to the expectations of bull Connor, Robert Byrd, and others. Funny how everyone forgets that blacks in Africa was providing the slaves to clear out tribes they didn't get along with. Now don't get me wrong, we should make things right. Blacks should be sent back to their native land to explain to their starving kin why they should drop their dreams to live in such a raciest country that has no opportunity for them.

michael said...


michael said...

Non white people were just as keen on slavery too, and for much, much longer than their white brothers. Saudi Arabia had legal slavery well into the 1950s. And as has already been said, black people very willingly supplied slaves to white traders. Without their aid the number of slaves transported to the Americas would have been greatly reduced. Have you actually read ANY history books, or do just make it up as you go along? Slavery is an obscenity, there's no question of that. However paying reparations is a frankly ludicrous suggestion, although hardly surprising in this age of blame and claim.