Monday, February 8, 2010

25. Hobos

White people used to love hobos. They invited them into their yards. They made them sandwiches for "the road", and hired them to do odd jobs around the house.

Frankly, it's no wonder for those lovable scamps with their knapsacks on a stick brought a delightful departure from the mundane white person existence of yesteryear.

Hobos had their own code, and their own cute, colorful language, replete with crazy terms like Jungle Buzzard, Honey Dipping and Bone Polishing, which may or may not refer to lewd sexual acts.  White people were taken with their brazen, carefree, nomadic existence — who wouldn't dream of a life 'riding the rails' when most houses of that era were made out of clapboards and the toilet was a coffee can in the corner?

Hobos were the beloved objects of an entire white-fueled art movement for crying outside!

Now, white people flee at the sight of an unshaven, unkempt scraggly dude that reeks of alcohol — and for good measure — that guy's a total pervert!

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