Friday, April 4, 2008

3. Cosby Sweaters

You can always count on white people for their impeccable fashion sense.

Made popular by comedian Bill Cosby on his successful 1980s sitcom, The Cosby Show, the hideously-patterned sweaters were co-opted by whites who found Cosby to be an acceptable authority figure in spite of his skin color.

White people flocked to Merry Go Round and Chess King at their local malls in droves to buy up the über-colorful fashion statements and wear them in the most inappropriate places, most notably school fundraisers, church, at the office on casual days, and to eateries like T.G.I. Friday's and Shoney's.

Either out of guilt over Stuff People Used to Like #2, or out of sheer fashion ignorance, white people donned the obnoxious pullovers like they were going out of style, which in fact, is what they did not long after The Cosby Show's demise.

Perhaps white people saw the multitude of colors as a way to enhance their otherwise naturally bland and pasty palette, or as a alternative to interesting conversation, something white people have historically failed to master.

Now rare, Cosby sweaters can still be found in the wardrobes of desperate white people, like the lesbian basketball player pictured in the accompanying photo.

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