Wednesday, May 26, 2010

26. Systematic Extermination of Indigenous Peoples

Not so long ago, white people could not get enough of North America.

The newly arrived Europeans loved the place. With its untamed wild forests, expansive plains, and ragged mountain ranges — it was certainly a thing of beauty.  A place to be cherised, loved and owned.

So they devised a plan to claim as much land as they could by any means necessary. 

Whites called this "Manifest Destiny."  Boy, doesn't that sound boring? And white?

But Manifest Destiny sure wasn't boring to the aboriginal peoples who suffered at its ruthless, pallid hands.  Viewed as an obstacle to nationwide white expansion, Native Americans were methodically rooted out, destroyed, and corralled to make way for white homesteads — with their picket fences, basketball hoops, and "landscaping."

The weapons by which whites manifested Manifest Destiny were myriad: Rifles, cannons, pistols, swords, body hair, smallpox, measles, the clap, and finally, Olde English 800.

Had Native Americans practiced a religion which emphasized or permitted the private ownership of property, that destiny would have certainly been much less manifest.  Their primitive weaponry and uncanny respect for the land were no match for whites with handlebar mustaches and Gatling guns.

Fortunately for modern society, whites have essentially lost their blood thirst and their zeal for violent land-taking, choosing instead to spend obscene amounts of money for organic food they initially grew themselves — thanks to the original guidance of Native Americans.

They now live in cloistered communities, occasionally venturing forth into the wild frontier to entertain themselves at something called a 'casino.'

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