Wednesday, February 3, 2010

22. Swatches

Was it a watch or a piece of art? Or a fashion statement? When it comes to white people and their timepieces, who knows, and frankly who cares.

Designed by the whitest of the Swiss, Swatch watches enjoyed an explosion of popularity in the mid-1980s.

Ironically, Swatches were originally popular in the burgeoning hip-hop community of the early 80s. But like everything else original and distinctive, their fashionable appearance was hijacked by whites eager to to slap anything Keith Haring on their wrists just to show they were somehow cool. 

Made from toxic plastic and nuclear waste, the name "Swatch" was derived from 'second watch' — which offered up the possibility that the timepieces could be disposable. Is anything in the white world not disposable?

Several of the watches were designed by white celebrities like Ringo Starr, Selma Diamond, and Dyan Cannon. You know Dyan Cannon, timepiece impresario. 

Swatch watches are still available in the same hideous 'designs' that complemented your skinny leather tie and parachute pants, wasteoid.

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