Thursday, October 16, 2008

21. Sunken Living Rooms

Not complacent with their normal two-story homes or sprawling ranch-style suburban domiciles, white people decided that certain rooms in their house deserved near-imperceptible changes in altitude, and thus was born the architectural atrocity known as The Sunken Living Room.

In medical circles, this room was often referred to as "The Motherfucking Ankle-Twisting Room"

Often, one or two steps separated the sunken living room from other rooms, a futile attempt at lending the home much-needed character.

Sunken Living Rooms fell out of favor soon after whites discovered the much more attractive head-cracking pleasures of sunken tubs.

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cher said...

for the record, this blog was awesome. it was such a funny concept. i check back now and then to see if something new has surfaced, like puke colored bubbly glass on front doors