Sunday, April 6, 2008

5. Steamer Trunks

Perhaps more a sign of wealth and class than a racial preference, steamer trunks were once all the vogue in white tourism.

Historical proof, however, is undeniable as steamer trunks became white people's luggage of choice at the end of the 19th century and well into the 20th century. Replacing burlap sacks and less dignified means of travel storage, steamer trunks serve as a helpful reminder of Caucasian arrogance of the era.

Weary white travelers of the steamer trunk generation often thought "what if wherever I travel to they do not have all of the Caucasian amenities and clothing options I currently enjoy at home?" This nagging question produced the need for enormous luggage, in which, white tourists could take practically everything they owned with them, as to avoid a potentially humiliating situation wherein white travelers would have to utilize a 'non-white' accoutrement.

Little empathy was reserved for the scores of nonwhites who would have to lug that heavy shit around from port to port.

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ron said...

its called bieng civalized. "WHITE PEOPLE" im guessing your not "white"
lol before you come back with some retarded comeback, do a little research on the true meaning OF civalized.

yo bro, supp?